Youth Equipment Rental: November 4

This year’s rental event will be held at Margaret Ave School. Each family is responsible for equipping their skiers, but WRNSC has an extensive inventory of youth-sized ski equipment. We rent ski equipment only to children and youth who are taking ski lessons with WRNSC.


In order for us to best match skiers to equipment, we will do equipment selection based upon information we have as of Sunday, October 29. The event will be organized by age/skill group because this gives us the best chance of fitting all of our skiers to equipment that works for them.


It takes a lot of work to prepare for and to run an equipment rental event. On the day of the event, we need people to help manage the flow of skiers; we at least one person to help with the rental of racing suits and the sale of club jackets; and we need people to help record what each skier has rented. In the days leading up to the rental event we are likely to need people to help prepare and organize ski equipment for rental.  If you are willing to spend a few hours preparing equipment, or for helping to rent equipment, please let Ken Campbell know at