Trail Closures: Sunday Feb 13

Selected trails will be open only to registered participants in the Rockway Skate Cup, plus club officials. This is done to ensure the safety of participants as well as the safety of the general public.

The Otter Slide and Deer Climb trails will be closed from approximately 11:15 until just after noon.

Otter Slide, Deer Climb, The Grind and Woo Hoo will be closed from approximately 14:15 until 16:00; portions of Jackrabbit Lane will also be closed to nonparticipants during the same time period.

Spruce Run and Maple Hook will remain open all day, so it will still be possible for everyone to enjoy the snow at Rockway.

Otter Slide / Deer Climb closed 11:15 – 12ish,
Otter Slide / Deer Climb / The Grind / Woo Hoo closed 14:15 -16:00

Everyone is welcome to watch the races and to cheer on the participants (but please maintain social distancing).