Resumption of Programming

Waterloo Region Nordic resumed programming on February 16. Our schedule has changed to account for COVID-19 restrictions, and to account for commitments which the club made in order to comply with these restrictions. For the remainder of the ski season WRNSC will have no more than 25 skiers participating in our programming at Rockway at any time. This means that our programming is spread over many more days and many more time slots than it normally is.

We also made commitments to minimize congestion in and around the golf course parking lot, and the main gate to Rockway. All of our time slots include 15 minutes for participants to arrive and get onto the snow, as well as 15 minutes to get off the snow and depart from the parking lot. We also have a safety officer who is trying to minimize congestion on and around the pathway to snow. All of our participants have been asked to wear masks in the parking lot and until they have their skis on and have left the area around the gate.

We welcome casual skiers to our trails, but we ask that:

  1. You adjust your arrival and departure times so that you avoid the 15-minute transition periods before and after our instruction periods. If this is not possible, please follow the restrictions which are imposed on members (e.g. masks), and please comply with instruction from our safety officer. Alternatively, please consider using a different entrance to the golf course
  2. You give precedence to instructional groups, and stay at least 3m from all teaching groups.

For the remainder of the ski season the club schedule is:

Monday(at Rockway)

2pm-4pm                    Adult group ski           

6pm – 8pm                  TA Jr, group 2             

Tuesday (at Rockway)

2pm – 4pm                  Adult social ski group  

5:30pm – 7:30 pm       TA Sr,group 1 plus JR levels 3,4         

7:30pm-9pm               Adult classic instruction 

Wednesday (at Rockway)

Noon-2pm                   Adult classic               

7pm – 9pm                   Adult skate/classic                 

Thursday (at Rockway)

2pm – 4pm                   Adult social ski group 

6pm – 8pm                  TA Jr, group 1             

Friday (at Rockway)

Noon-2pm                   Adult classic               

6pm – 8pm                  TA Sr, group 2            

Saturday (at Rockway)

8am – 10am                JR 1B, JR 2                  

10am – noon                Adult skate/classic     

Noon – 2pm                TA Jr, grp 1, Older Beg           

2pm – 4pm                  JR 1A   

4pm – 6pm                  TA Sr, group 2            

Saturday (at Lakeside Park, Kitchener)

1:30pm-3pm               Bunnies                      

Sunday (at Rockway)

8am – 10am                TA Jr, group 2             

10-noon                       Adult classic               

Noon – 2pm                JR 1A                           

2pm – 4pm                  JR2, JR1B                    

4pm – 6pm                  TA Sr, group 1; JR 3,4 

Sunday (at Lakeside Park, Kitchener)

1:30pm-3pm               Bunnies