Removal of Snow-fencing from Rockway (SUNDAY April 2 12:30pm)

Volunteer installs stakes Dec 2022. Now it is time for fencing to return to storage.

The snow has melted and the ground at Rockway has dried enough to enable us to remove the snow fencing. The removal event is scheduled for this Sunday April 2 at 12:30pm, at WRNSC Cross Country Skis Trails (Rockway). Brett Woodman ( )  is coordinating the event, and he needs a team of volunteers to remove the snow-fencing, all of our support poles and driveway poles, and our remaining lights. If you are available, please consider joining the work crew for a couple of hours, and let Brett know if you are coming. Work gloves are recommended as well as pocket knife or side cutters if you have them.  We also need a few garbage bags and rolls of packing tape.