Race Announcement: Rockway Skate Cup

WRNSC announces that we will be holding our second Orion (club-level) race of the season on Sunday, February 13, 2022. Program coordinators have entered Jackrabbits, Track Attack, Senior Adventurers, and Junior and Senior Racers in the race. Participation is open to local High School students, provided that they register by end-of-day Thursday Feb 10. To register, please email your intent to kccampbell@golden.net.

There is no additional fee for Orion Races; costs are covered by program and membership fees, and Orion Races are considered to be part of the programming that we provide to youth members. There will be no medals or ribbons, but we will be providing cookies at the finish line.

Ski technique will be classic for the 500m loop and free for all other race distances; the race will be an Individual Start race, with a minimum of 30 seconds between starts.

Bunnies and Jackrabbits will race in the morning session. Races are scheduled to start around 11:30am. Participants will start in their class cohorts. Distances are:

Bunnies 500m

Jackrabbit 1 500m

Jackrabbit 2,3,4 1km

Track Attack, Senior Adventurers, Junior Racers, Senior Racers and local High School students will participate in the afternoon, with a nominal start time of 2:30pm. Distances are:

TA Group 1 1km

TA Group 2 2km

Jr Racer 2km

Sr Adventurer 2km or 4km (provided by group coordinator)

Sr Racer 4km

HS students 2km or 4km (note when registering)

Skiers will start according to the distance they are skiing; shorter races will begin first.

Active trails will be closed to non-racers roughly 5 minutes before the start of each racing session.

The race will use hand-timing. Results will be posted on WRNSC’s webpage. Upon request, we are willing to not show results for individual skiers. Any such request must be made via email to kccampbell@golden.net, and must be received by Saturday, February 12.