Race Announcement – Family Day Race, 2020 (Feb 16)

New Rockway Trail

Waterloo Region Nordic Sports Club is pleased to present the second race of the 2020 Club Race Series, The Family Day Race. All finishers will receive a cookie and a hot chocolate, and we have selected courses and distances that are within the capabilities of all of our skiers. All skiers who are registered in Waterloo Region youth instructional programs are automatically registered for this event.

The race will be held on Sunday, February 16.

The race will be held at Rockway Golf Club, as part of the Grand Opening of our new trail system. Racing will start at 2:30pm; registration opens at 1:30 pm.

Youth Members Compete during the first 2020 Club Race

Race events are as follows:

Bunny – for skiers registered in a Bunnyrabbit program. The bunny course is around 300m in length. This event will be Individual Start and classic technique.

Jackrabbits – the Jackrabbit course is 1km in length. The event will be Individual Start (IS) and free technique.

Jackrabbit-and-Parent relay race. This will use the 1km Jackrabbit course and will be IS and free technique.

Kings Court Sprints – Sprints will be held on a 750m sprint course. All Waterloo Region Track Attack and race team skiers are automatically registered in this event. Technique is free.
Participants will have IS (qualification) sprint on the course, after which their results will be used to select who they will sprint against. We aim to have all participants race in 3 head-to-head sprints (6-wide), as well as their timed sprint. Everyone will be racing against people who are of about the same speed, so it is always a fun event.

Hot chocolate enjoyed during the first 2020 Club Race.

There is no charge for Waterloo Region Nordic youth members who are registered in instructional programs – race fees are included in their program fees. Race fees for non-members of Waterloo Region Nordic are $5.