Orion Skate Sprint Results

Thursday was a great evening for a ski race – great snow and nice weather.  Twenty-six athletes, including a large contingent from the University of Guelph, participated in the Orion Skate Sprints.  After an initial race to determine starting positions, a series of heats (3 or 4 skiers to a heat) was run to find the fastest skiers.  Here are the results.

400 m      ages up to 10

First place – Sydney Baer   (WRNSC)

Second place – Cecilia Erb   (WRNSC)

Third place – Caelyn MacLaren   (WRNSC)

900 m      ages 14 to 17 plus recreational adults

First place, A final – Colin Ebel   (WRNSC)

Second place, A final – Rigel Conway-White   (WRNSC)

Third place, A final – Jacob Van Boekel

Fourth place, A final – Heather Ebel  (WRNSC)

First place, B final – Bill Henry   (WRNSC)

1300 m   ages 18 and over, competitive

First place, A final – Lucas Parsons   (U of Guelph)

Second place, A final – Ian Ritchie   (U of Guelph)

Third place, A final – Matt Underwood   (U of Guelph)

Fourth place, A final – Shaun Guerin   (U of Guelph)

First place, B final – Kai Bruce   (U of Guelph)

First place, Consolation A final – Cam Thompson   (U of Guelph)

First place, Consolation B final – Elise Huet   (U of Guelph)

The jelly beans and chocolate hearts for participants were a big hit, especially right before Valentine’s Day.