Mid-week, daytime ski outings begin!

There will be recreational ski outings on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons throughout January and February, conditions permitting. We will typically meet in the parking lot of Rockway Golf Course at 2:30pm. Ken Campbell will be available for waxing assistance and for general guidance. If you want help, just ask.

Our trail system at Rockway is about 3.6km in length, without overlaps – but it also has lots of opportunities for short-cuts, and it has great terrain for practicing climbs and descents. If you wish to join us a bit later, this is also OK. Just meet us on the trail. The outings are primarily aimed at our adult members, but they are also open to our club’s high school skiers. The number 7 bus stops right at the Rockway Community Centre, which is a short distance from the golf course.

If you are considering joining the group, but wish to know where (and whether) a session is happening, please contact Ken to be added to the email list.

Ken Campbell    Email: kccampbell@golden.net     Cell: 226-750-2766