Looking for volunteers

WRNSC is looking for volunteers to fill a few roles with the club.

Snow Fencing Coordinator

Over the past few years at Bechtel, we have confirmed that snow fencing helps capture snow and extends our ski season. This role has been filled in the past by individuals who wear lots of other hats with the club, so we’d like to spread the work out to more people. We’re looking for someone who will manage the entire process.

Responsibilities include:
– Ensure that we have sufficient fencing, stakes, zip ties, wood slats, etc in stock
– Coordinate installation and removal days with city staff
– Coordinate with the club’s Communication Director to recruit volunteers to assist with installation and removal of fencing
– Keep an eye on the condition of the fencing throughout the season and coordinate repairs as needed

Note that as our club continues to grow and our winter weather becomes more varied, the board has been reviewing venues for the past few years. We are working with the City of Kitchener to finalize plans to relocate the ski club to Rockway Golf Course prior to the upcoming ski season. We’ll follow up with an official announcement as soon we have a formal agreement signed.

If you are interested in being the club’s Snow Fencing Coordinator, please email info@wrnsc.ca

Youth Program Coaches

Want to contribute to the club in the most direct way possible? Why not give coaching a try! WRNSC is currently recruiting coaches to help lead our Youth Programs for the upcoming season. Full training is provided in the form of coaching courses and workshops as well as mentoring and the support of experienced club members to help you find your feet as a coach in the most stress-free way possible. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch at info@wrnsc.ca if you want more information or have any questions.