Lockdown Sprint Results

Huge thanks to everyone who participated in our Lockdown Sprint Challenge, a part of Cross Country Ski Ontario’s Covid Cup series! We had 51 competitors across all age groups, representing 20% of our club membership. Skiers prevailed over challenging conditions and posted some very competitive times.

Full Results

Younger age groups skied a single lap and recorded their time. Older age groups skied the course four times within one hour and submitted their times in order. These times were used to set up virtual heats for a sprint race! This lead to lots of strategy with pacing and rest.

Category Winners, with names listed as submitted by the athlete. Full results available above.

U6 Girls1 x 25m classicViolet ‘The Special’ Faulkner
U8 Girls1 x 200m classicMackenzie Gawne
U8 Boys1 x 200m classicAngus Dowling
U10 Girls1 x 200m freeKaelyn Gawne
U10 Boys1 x 200m freeArno Genest
U10 Girls4 x 200m freeKaelyn Gawne
U10 Boys4 x 200m freeArno Genest
U12 Girls4 x 200m freeIsla Sloss
U12 Boys4 x 200m freeMax Moser
U14 Girls4 x 200m freeTeagan Gawne
U14 Boys4 x 200m freeWes Sloss
U16 Girls4 x 600m freeEllie Dowling
U16 Boys4 x 600m freeEily Woodman
Open Women4 x 600m freeKirsten Watt
Open Men4 x 600m freetie
Justin ‘Coach Daddy-O’ Faulkner
Finn D.
Paranordic4 x 600m freeBrian Eaton