King’s Court Sprints 2016

Waterloo Region Nordic is pleased to announce that our King’s Court Sprints will proceed as scheduled on Sunday January 17, 2016, starting at 2:30. Our field conditions have recovered sufficiently that we can run races for our youth sections. Races for our older sections have been cancelled.

We will be running short Individual Start races for our bunnyrabbit skiers and for our youth beginners. The course will be about 100m in length and categories are:

a) Registered Bunnyrabbits
b) Young beginners year-of-birth 2008 or later, who started instruction this year
c) Older beginners year-of-birth 2007 or earlier, who started instruction this year

The King’s Court race is open to skiers with year-of-birth 2003 or later. All skiers will get to participate in 3 sprints (no qualifying run). The course will be around 500m long, and technique is skate.

Registration begins at 2:00pm. The entry fee is free for members of WRNSC youth programs, $2 for WRNSC general members and $5 for non-members.

Approximate start times are:
Bunnies 2:30
Beginner jackrabbits 2:45
King’s Court sprints 3:00