Help us build a daytime ski schedule

Help us build a daytime ski schedule for Rockway, 2021.

This winter, WRNSC is planning to increase the number of daytime ski events that are held every week. Cross country skiing is an ideal way to get some outdoors exercise in a fun way during the winter months. And everyone knows that it is more fun to ski with friends than to ski alone. Rockway is a short drive from most of KW, so you don’t have to invest an entire day to have some fun on the snow.

Our daytime group ski sessions are open to all club members. The concept of the group ski session is that club members ski together at an agreed time, enjoy one another’s company and if a club member needs some assistance with equipment, wax or with technique, help is available.

Last year we held most mid-week group ski sessions at 2:30pm, but we also held a few over the noon hour. This year we expect that more people will be working from home, and probably more people will be staying in KW for the entire winter.

Please let us know whether you are interested in noon-hour group-ski events, or in mid-afternoon group-ski events, or both. And let us know which days of the week you would consider joining us for a group ski event.

We are also willing to run ski lessons during daylight hours during the work week. If you are interested – again, let us know whether you would register for noon hour or mid-afternoon sessions, if we offer them.

Please direct feedback to Ken Campbell at