Equipment Rental: Saturday Nov 6 (Rain day Nov 7)

Our main (winter) equipment rental event will be on Saturday, November 6 (rain date Sunday Nov 7). It will be held in the parking lot adjacent to 48 Ontario St N, Kitchener.  Because we are still in COVID times, the entire rental session will be held outdoors. All participants must wear masks while they are in the parking lot. In addition, please observe physical distancing guidelines. Just like last year we will ask skiers to sign up for timeslots to rent their equipment.

The rental event will be conducted in 2 sessions. The morning session, starting at 9 am, is for Senior Racers, Senior Adventurers, Junior Racers, Para Nordic and Track Attack. The afternoon session, starting at 1pm, is for Jackrabbits and Bunnyrabbits.

Please bring cheques to pay for equipment that you rent for your skier. If you have not yet paid for your lessons, or if there are other adjustment to be made, our treasurer will be available to let you know how much you owe.