Equipment pickup day details

The WRNSC will be having the annual equipment rental session at Margaret Avenue School (Kitchener) on November 10, 2018. Our youth registration has set a new record this year, and we need to split skiers in two separate sessions.

Where: Margaret Ave School (325 Louisa St, Kitchener, ON) 
When: Saturday, November 10
Track Attack skiers should arrive at the school at 10:45am.
Jackrabbit and Bunnyrabbit equipment will arrive at the school around 12:30pm. Jackrabbit and Bunnyrabbit skiers and their families should arrive around 12:45pm. This timeslot will start with an information session, which we urge all families of Bunnies and Jackrabbits to attend.
– Please remember to have skis inspected before you leave. Most of the ski bases need to be worked on before they will slide well and we will not be able to do this on the first day of lessons.

– We strongly recommend that you register online before arrival to pickup equipment so as to make the process as speedy as possible.

– Ski equipment is rented on a seasonal basis and must be returned no later than the club’s Annual General Meeting (held in early spring).