Cookie Race was a Great Success!

The Cookie Race was held on Sunday, February 5, at Bechtel Park, Waterloo. A total of 67 skiers completed the race. This included 19 bunnies, and 13 Atom skiers.

I would like to thank Dave Paddock who provided the grooming, as well as Stephan, Clay, Bill and Roger, who shovelled snow from places where we did not need it to places where we did. Thanks as well to the numerous parents who worked as the timing crew, and to the parents and a couple of our Magic Rabbit skiers who worked the finish line and handed out cookies and hot chocolate. Special thanks go to Hannah and Cayla Weiler who baked the cookies and turned them into medals.

Full results have been sent to skiers and instructors, but highlights are:
Isabelle Latour was the fastest bunny, followed closely by Clinton Moser and Ivan Bardelcik.
Kaelyn Gawne was the fastest beginner Atom girl, and Leo Schellenberger was the fastest beginner Atom boy.
Natalie Faulkner was the fastest Atom girl, while Michael Kitaev was the fastest Atom boy, closely followed by James Drost and Max Moser. William Dixon was the fastest of the Older Beginners, but Athan Juritsch gave him a real challenge.
Cayla Weiler was the fastest PeeWee girl, and Simon Baer was the fastest PeeWee boy. Marie-Anne Dods was the fastest Midget girl and Damien Jevremovic was our fastest Midget boy.

A good time was had by all. Now all we need is a bit more snow, so we can have more fun and more racing.