Cookie Race Results and Photos

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The Cookie Race was a fun event!
Thanks to everyone who came out to race, cheer, or volunteer. Despite warm conditions and a last minute location change, we had participation in every category.

The next Waterloo Region Race will be held on Feb 16th. Click Here for our 2020 race schedule.


Here are the results of the race. Please note the focus of the Cookie Race is to have fun, eat cookies, and become familiar with the racing atmosphere. Results will not be brought to practices. It is up to each family to decide whether to share the results with their kids.

Category: Bunny
Course: Bunny

Result Name Time
1 Aden1:18
2 Elliot1:31
3 Beatrice1:33
4 Stuart2:23
5 Violet3:03
6 Mia3:39

Category: Jackrabbit 1
Course: “Short Loop”

Result Name Time
1 Elle3:22
3 Clavin3:33
4 Devin3:35
5 Scarlett4:18
6 Ela4:21
7 Gil4:35
8 Rowan4:47
9 Lexa5:09
10 Felicity 5:43
11 Jacob7:07

Category: Jackrabbit 2
Course: Long Loop

Result Name Time
1 Kathryn6:05
2 Islay 7:56
3 Lily8:08
4 Matthew8:23
5 Shay8:52
6 Clara9:34
7 Annika9:37
8 Aubrey9:40

Category: Jackrabbit 3
Course: Long Loop

Result Name Time
1 Arno6:08
2 Maeve6:53
3 Oliver7:28
4 Oliver7:44
5 Gustave9:25

Category: Jackrabbit 4
Course: Long Loop

Result Name Time
1 Isla 4:45
2 Clinton 5:33
3 Ivan 6:02
4 Miles 7:18

Category: Track-Attack Junior
Course: Long Loop

Result Name Time
1 Max4:12
2 Lukas4:35
3 Natalie4:37
4 Arwen 6:19
5 Aisha6:56
6 Dror8:45

Category: Track-Attack Senior
Course: Long Loop

Result Name Time
1 Damien 3:12
2 Alec3:27
3 Robbie3:31

Category: Adult
Course: Long Loop x2

Result Name Time
1Rigel 6:35
3 Kevin9:21


Here are some photos from the event. These photos respect the consent decision made during club registration. If a photo is posted in error, or you would like to withdraw or grant consent, please contact us.