Cookie Race Announcement (2018)

Update (January 17, 2018): The 2018 Cookie Race has been cancelled because of low snow conditions and expected high temperatures.

* * * * *

WRNSC is pleased to present the first race of the 2018 Orion Race Series, The Cookie Race. All finishers will receive a cookie and a hot chocolate. We have selected courses and distances that are within the capabilities of all of our skiers. This is an introduction to ski racing for many of our skiers and we work to make it a positive experience for everyone.

The race will be held on Sunday, January 21.

We will be using an interval start and the race is free technique.

The race will be held at Bechtel Park, Waterloo. Racing will start at 2:30pm; registration opens at 1:30 pm for the Cookie Race and for the adult 5km time trial. (All youth members who are in WRNSC youth instructional programs are automatically registered.)

Categories are as follows:
– 250m Bunny (Registered in a Bunnyrabbit program)
– 450m Beginners/Basic (Registered in a beginners Jackrabbit program or a beginners/basic Track Attack program)
– 1km Atom (yob 2009 and earlier)
– 1.5K PeeWee (yob 2006-2008)
– 3.3K Midget (yob 2004-2005)
– 3.3km Juvenile (yob 2002-2003)
– 3.3km PN ambulatory

WRNSC is also pleased to run two events that serve as qualifiers for the Ontario Senior Games.
1. We will run a 5km ‘precision’ event, where adult competitors predict their finish time and then strive to come closest to their prediction. This event will start before the Cookie Race heats (time TBA).
2. We will also run a 5km ‘time trial’ for adult competitors at the end of the youth Cookie Race heats.

There is no charge for WRNSC youth members who are registered in instructional programs – race fees are included in their program fees
The race fee for other WRNSC members is $2.
The race fee for non-members is $5.