Trail Clean-up on Sunday Dec 29, 1pm

You are invited to join the Junior Outers in a trail clean-up this Sunday at 1pm. This will be limited to small brush and stick clearing, but no major limbs or large branches. Small wood saws and pruning shears are welcome. We hope to clear the cemetery loop of debris and then do a bit … Read more

Under a lovely afternoon sun today and some fresh powder, the soccer fields, connector road, and tennis court loop were freshened up with the renovator. We are slowly working things in, but it will take more snow and milder temps to create a more pleasant surface to ski on and to set tracks. However, conditions … Read more

Happy Boxing Day The fresh snow has covered much of the ice in the field loops so we managed to roll the field loops and tennis court. Was able to renovate most of the fields ands service road. Not quite enough fresh snow to put in tracks but the skating in the fields, service road … Read more

Trails at Bechtel are very poor. Icy in the fields, frozen footfalls and debris in the woods are quite dissappointing. We will need some warmer weather to break up the ice as it is quite thick.

Wow…here we are and we are still skiing on the first day of spring. We renovated the soccer fields and tennis court loop with a double track for classic. We renovated the woods for skating excluding the cemetery loop with the uphill, but have the interior climb in the woods done. The skiing was great tonight. More … Read more