Well we are getting a good base now! All the trails were rolled, groomed and trackset Wednesday evening. Some sections are liable to drift and the skating will be a bit soft till we get some more traffic. Enjoy the ski.

Sorry about the late update, but all the trails are packed and a single track is in the field and tennis court loop. Check tomorrow for more updates after the snowfall anticipated this evening. Enjoy!!

Managed to renovate the field, tennis court loop and service road. These are quite good for skating. Also managed to do a single pass on the woods loops but electrical issues prevented further work. Keep your fingers crossed for some new snow Sunday!!

All trails and fields are rolled, groomed and trackset. Skaters will probably find some sections soft but the will firm up with traffic. Enjoy the ski after you plough out the driveway.

The entire network has been groomed for skating.  There isn’t enough snow on top of the ice yet to put in a classic track. I got some renovation done in the woods, but due to some equipment issues, I couldn’t be as aggressive as I wanted.  The trails on the fields are in great shape … Read more