All the trails are in great shape. Packed all field trails and double tracked much of the field loop and touched up the track in the woodlands. The skating trails were widened and packed. Enjoy them now before the weekend thaw. We won’t be able to touch the trails once the temperature stays above freezing.

The trails have all been renovated for skating and track set (double in much of the tennis court loop). There is a provincial snowshoe race on this morning so come out for ski and cheer on these atheletes!! We will be touching up the trails again Sunday AM for WRNSC programs. On your treatment what … Read more

I made another pass over the trails this morning with the groomer to try to pack things down.  All loops have been trackset.  It will still be a bit soft, but we have lots of snow!

Trail Condition Updates

Check out the “Trail Conditions” page from the menu at the top.  We’re posting regular updates about when we plan on grooming, when we groom, and the conditions in between.

There’s lots of fresh snow out there!  I packed down the woods this morning and put in a classic track.  While it will be great skiing, it is still a bit soft, so we’ll be back out again within the next few days to do some more packing. I ran out of time, so … Read more