Orion Skate Sprint Results

Thursday was a great evening for a ski race – great snow and nice weather.  Twenty-six athletes, including a large contingent from the University of Guelph, participated in the Orion Skate Sprints.  After an initial race to determine starting positions, a series of heats (3 or 4 skiers to a heat) was run to find … Read more

Orion #1: Consistency Race – Thurs Jan 16

Jan 16 Update 2: Changed Junior Boys / Girls distance again to 3 x 1.6 km. Jan 16 Update: Updated distances, course maps: http://goo.gl/0DDAZR Jan 14 Update: The trails are icy, but we have enough snow to race on the upper loops.  Bring your old skis! Waterloo Region Nordic Ski Club presents the first event of our 2014 Orion … Read more

Many thanks to Stephan who did some grooming this morning after the rain. The skating is quite good in the fields and tennis court loop. The cemetary loop is also open. I would avoid however the playground loop and woods due to some flooding. Keep thinking those white thoughts!!

With mild weather coming Saturday it is important for all trail users to be very sensitive to any damage they may be causing as it will affect conditions until the next time the trail can be groomed. If temperatures get below freezing Sunday Morning we maybe able to mix the icy sections with drier snow … Read more

The whole network was regroomed and trackset this morning, hopefully you get out before the flurries fill in all the tracks. The skating is quite good and the tracks would be quite firm with the cold weather. Enjoy the ski!!