Managed to renovate a little powder on all the trails. I left the existing tracks untouched as it is unlikely I could improve them. With the anticipated 2-5 cm tonight the conditions should improve markedly. The trails are firm and hard packed. There is an icy section on the woodland trail, but the cemetary loop … Read more

Today you will find freshly groomed and packed powder …. in your dreams. Last night all of the upper trails and fields were given a once over with the renovator. We will need some fresh stuff to set tracks (by Wednesday hopefully) as the base is mostly an unworkable sheet of ice. Otherwise, quite ski-able. … Read more

Under a lovely afternoon sun today and some fresh powder, the soccer fields, connector road, and tennis court loop were freshened up with the renovator. We are slowly working things in, but it will take more snow and milder temps to create a more pleasant surface to ski on and to set tracks. However, conditions … Read more