Looks like we’re getting a nice dump of snow today.  I’m planning on getting a start on packing for skating starting tonight around 7:30pm.  It looks like we’ll have drifting conditions overnight, so we’ll come back early Thursday morning to repack and set a track.

Despite the summer conditions on Monday and Tuesday, our coverage is still good; only the culvert at the dipsy-doodle was exposed, but you can get around easily. Snow is on the way, so watch for updates. Cheers, Stephan Skied in shorts and long sleeved t-shirt today!

I groomed all of the trails this morning and set a fresh track.  Other than the occasional frozen dog turd, the trails are in great shape.

The 5 cm of snow was a welcome blessing for the ski trails. All the trails were groomed and trackset this morning. With the cold the trails should firm up nicely making for excellent conditions at this time of the year. Get out and enjoy the trails.

The trails are still mud.  Here’s to hoping for snow soon!