… trails are open

The full spectrum of trails have been packed, groomed and trackset. The conditions are good. Be aware of some grassy sections in the fields and some ground stubble on the woodland trail. Enjoy the ski!!

…. a bit better

All of the upper sections including the main field, connector road, tennis court loop etc had a few passes today with the Tidd Tech (i.e, flattened and corduroy track laid down). The connector road was renovated and is coming up fairly well now and is skiable. There are still some thin sections in the fields, … Read more

Getting there…

I did a pass with the roller this morning. The fields have decent coverage with a bit of grass showing through. A keen skier would have a great time with rock skis. The woods are icy and rutted from people walking in the slush from a few days ago. They will need a bit more … Read more

Silky smooth corduroy

Well, I’d like to make you all insanely jealous of my mid-day ski in the warm sun today, sans hat and jacket. Jealous enough that you will go and grab your skis right after work, and head immediately to Bechtel to find an immaculate corduroy skate lane, silky smooth, on fast granular snow. This will … Read more

The thaw and then belated drop in temps made grooming Saturday morning not feasable. I will groom Sunday morning and should be able to renovate the soccer fields and the tennis court loop…I might make a few new trails using the old and ungroomed snow as it is not compressed into a sheet of ice. … Read more