Su and Ski

The fields and tennis court loop are in good shape. Thanks Stephan for shoveling the snow. Was able to put some fresh tracks in the tennis court loop in sections. The woods however are still very icy and bare in places. I haven’t been able to take the renovator in the woods for several days … Read more

Race Ready

The race loops for tomorrows sprints are in good shape!! The tracks are firm and fast, with a thin layer of machined powder. Hope to see you at the sprints tomorrow. Haven’t had enough snow to do much with the woods, so the conditions are icy and some dirt is starting to show on the … Read more

We survived the heat!

I thoroughly renovated the field loop and the sprint courses for next weekend, so they are in excellent condition for skating.  I did a light pass through the woods, so those trails are ok for skilled skiers, but they’re skill icy.  There is still an old classic track in many places.  We’ll need a dump … Read more

thin coverage but still skiable

The main fields, connector road and tennis court loop had a pass with the renovator over the noon hour today, to work through the icy stuff and smooth things out after the weekend.The coverage is preciously thin, and some tufts of grass showing in a few spots. All things considered, it’s not too bad for … Read more

get out and ski before the mild weather!

Groomed out all the footfalls and reset the track in those spots that had enough snow. The club recently purchased a new addition for the grooming sled that allows for grooming in low snow and hard packed snow conditions. Enjoy the fruits of this purchase before the mild weather tomorrow.