Open but not Groomed

Rockway is OPEN but it is not groomed. There is about 5cm of new snow on a frozen base. Double Dip remains closed because of icy conditions. There are a limited number of short, icy sections on other trails but conditions are generally good.

Trails Closed

Trails are closed due to lost snow from the rain and warm air. There are lots of bare spots and sections of sheet ice. We need fresh snow before we can re-open the trails.

Back in Operation

I groomed the trails tonight, but I was not able to put in classic tracks. Skiers should use extra caution due to many icy patches.

Trails Closed

Trails are closed until further notice. The old base is a slush puddle, with the fresh snow on top. We need the slush to freeze up before we can groom the fresh snow. Brett tried grooming this morning, but quickly got stuck. Thanks to a keen group of volunteers, we got the equipment unstuck and … Read more