Snowfencing volunteers needed – Saturday, December 7

We had 12 wonderful volunteers last week who put up much of the required snowfencing but we require a second session to complete the finishing touches. What: The club needs your help make this a successful ski season at the Rockway Golf Course by helping to install strategically placed snowfencing this Saturday. Date: Saturday, December … Read more

New offering: Drop-in weekday afternoon skiing

The club is considering offering drop-in weekday afternoon skiing at the Rockway Golf Club during the snow season.  The activity would start at 2:30pm and continue until dusk. It would be offered one or two days a week. Skiers can join us at the beginning, or can meet us on the trails. This is not … Read more

Second equipment pick-up

In the interest of kids having ski equipment before the snow flies, we are proposing having the second equipment pickup (for the four families who weren’t able to make the original event) the evening of Wednesday, December 4 beginning at 6:30pm. Where: The club’s storage facility, located on Goudies Lane, between Queen and Ontario Streets. … Read more

14th annual ski trip to Highlands Nordic – Jan 25, 2020

Destination: Highlands Nordic, in Duntroon, south of Collingwood Date: Saturday, January 25, 2020 Registration deadline: Friday, January 3, 2020 Cost: WRNSC members: Adults – $40; Children over 6 and Youths (18 and under) – $25; Children 6 and under – $12.Non-members: Adult and junior -$48; children 6 and under – $32. Please note – we have reserved a 33-passenger mini coach, but … Read more