Alberta Clipper con’t

Groomed the network this morning and managed to trackset most of the trails. The base is thin in spots but the trails are all snow covered. Get out and enjoy a ski this week as the weekend looks a bit mild. Conditions: Good                         … Read more

Alberta Clipper!!

Managed to pack the field loops this morning but decided to leave the woodland trail alone due to incoming warm weather this afternoon. Will try to do the woodland trail tomorrow morning if conditions permit.

Back in Business … barely

Renovated this morning. No tracks. Suggest you avoid the loop by University Ave on the woodland trail. The woodland trail has a few deep ruts due to water runoff and is bare in spots. The field loops are thin as well. Suggest rock skis if you have a pair. Conditions: poor           … Read more

Snow, Rain, and Cold

Packed the network and set fresh track on the whole network before the arrival of above zero temperatures. The next three days will pose some difficulties for maintaining the ski trails as we cannot put machinery on the trails when conditions get near or above zero. That means little can be done again till Friday … Read more

Cold, wind and tracks!

That was a pleasant surprise. Packed and set tracks where I could. There are still some grassy spots and the wind was filling in the some tracks as I left at 9AM. The photo below is of the ski school area … just wanted you to know there was a packed oval for the ski … Read more