No Grooming Today

I tried to groom early this morning, but the battery was dead 🙂 I have purchased a replacement and am charging it up, so we should be back online soon. Until then, trails are as-is. Classic skiing may be easier than skating.

Trails Open

That was a lot of work – 4.5 hours of grooming. Trails are packed and open for skiing. Lots of drifting, but we have snow! I didn’t bother with a classic track due to the drifting.

Still closed

The trails are quite wind-swept in places, with not enough snow coverage to open the trails. I went out tonight to roll the trails in an attempt to better capture blowing snow. I hope we get a solid dump of snow soon!

Trails Closed

Rockway trails are currently closed for skiing. We’re waiting until there is sufficient snow to allow us to groom. We’ll open the trails after the first grooming. Until then, please enjoy the many other venues around KW. Thanks!