Trails Closed

I tried grooming tonight, but Rockway is too icy. Skiing at Rockway right now would be neither enjoyable nor safe. The Rockway ski trails are now officially closed. Unless we get a significant dump of fresh snow, trails will remain closed for the rest of the season. Any re-opening will be announced here. There is … Read more

Fresh Tracks

I groomed for skate and classic tonight. More great conditions 🙂 I experimented with twin classic tracks on much of the course — send feedback to Great for lessons? Gets in the way for skating?

Excellent Conditions

Tim and Brett did an amazing job on Tuesday! I had my race skis out yesterday without worrying at all 🙂 Since today’s snow is forecasted to continue overnight, I’ll be grooming next Friday evening.

Updated Grooming Plan

Yay snow!!! Brett will be out early afternoon to start packing. Tim will groom this evening for skate and classic. Please stay off the trails after 8:30pm today (Tuesday).

Grooming Plans

Conditions are excellent right now. We’re expecting today’s snow to continue through overnight. We’ll be grooming the trails Tuesday late evening. Please stay off the trails after 8:30pm on Tuesday.