I did a quick grooming to reestablish the classic track throughout the network. The wind will have covered some of them, but they could use a little snow as the base is still thin. Enjoy and head into the woods should the wind be strong. -Stephan

I was selfish today…got up at 6:00 a.m. and went grooming for two hours. Then I went skiing myself, enjoying classic tracks all around the network, while looking at a similar skating lane beside me. One thin spot remains at the tennis court loop at the bottom where the sharp turn is located. A splendid … Read more

Everything was groomed for classic and skating Friday night, so it should set up/firm up and give you great skiing conditions. A few thin spots of the double track are present along the cemetery fence line and at the turn of the tennis court loop, but there there is plenty of snow in the skate … Read more