Partner of the Year 2013-2014: uWaterloo Nordic Ski Team
The University of Waterloo Nordic Ski team can always be counted upon to help out when the need arises. They come out to our trail maintenance work day every year and push the pace to get lots done. The ski team also provides instructors for the club’s adult lesson program.

Partner of the Year 2012-2013: Adventure Guide
Adventure Guide sponsored our purchase of racing bibs for the Orion Race Series. These bibs allowed us to continue to build the racing series, involving athletes of all ages and abilities. We are grateful for their contribution.

Partner of the Year 2011-2012: Anne and Hugh Nauman, HR Storage
Anne and Hugh Naumann cannot be missed in the Northwest corner of Waterloo. Raspberries, strawberries and pumpkins galore have lead many to their farm. Well they can add kindness to their many offerings, as the WRNSC has stored its grooming equipment there on a annual basis. While storing is not a charitable gesture, the Naumanns have distinguished themselves with accommodating the needs of the club beyond their customary business plan. Simply put, we enjoy a few extra privileges; they have made a difference for our volunteers and that’s sufficient reason for gratitude and making them the partner of the year. When you visit their farm, let them know that you are a member and thank them.


Partner of the Year 2010-2011: Bryce Crouse and Bechtel Park Staff
Every year, we honour and individual or organization, whose partnership enhances an aspect of the ski club functions. This year we selected Bryce Crouse and the staff at Bechtel Park.We enjoy a great working relationship with them, as we have permission to groom the trails at the Park and store our equipment on site. This year, they went beyond the customary duties, and helped with the wood chipping in the fall. In the winter they cleared snow to the trailer and the snowmobile storage and last summer, Bryce was receptive to the idea of a club house on site. To celebrate their contribution we sent the staff to the Mediterraneo Restaurant, right across the street from the Park.


Partner of the Year 2009-2010: Bill Cressman / C&S Tax Group
Every year, we honour and individual or organization, whose partnership enhances an aspect of the ski club functions. This year we selected Bill Cressman of the C&S Tax Group, who reviews our annual financial statement, making sure that no monies are unaccounted for and no one goes on a ski holiday to Norway. His charitable contribution is much appreciated as it gives us confidence and credibility when we share our finances with others, such as grant issuing organizations. As a token of appreciation, we sent him to Runner’s Choice; this was a natural fit, for someone like Bill who keeps fit himself with running and cycling.


Partner of the Year 2008-2009: Velotique
Every year, we honour one of many community and industry related partners, who make club endeavors and skiing more joyful; for the past season, Velotique, under the ownership of Saul and Beverely Goldman, took the honours. They have both provided exceptional service to many members and have helped past programs such as the Sistas on Skis and the Junior rentals. On behalf of the club, and as a token for their partnership, Stephan presented them with a handcrafted ceramic bowl, courtesy of artist-in-residence at Joseph Schneider House. Saul and Beverely are taking their first steps towards retirement, but do not be alarmed; service is as usual: simply excellent and welcoming.