Nordic Ski Related Organizations

International Ski Federation (FIS): includes news and results from grass skiing, to roller skiing, and of course cross country skiing 

Cross Country Canada (CCC): news, results, and info about cross country skiing across the country 

Cross Country Ontario (CCO): news, results, and info about cross country skiing from the province, including our Southern Ontario Division 

Canadian Masters Ski Association: when grey hair creeps in and saggy skin develops, people call you a fossil and make jokes about Depends; luckily as a skier above 30 (Men) or 35 (Women), they call you a Master; they have their own association with news and information about events


Nordic Ski Resorts (Southern Ontario)

Highlands Nordic: our preferred partner 20 km South of Colllingwood on top of the Escarpment. Features a great chalet, excellent trails, on-site accomodations and a pro shop; 1 hour and 40 min from Waterloo 

Hardwood Hills: located between Barrie and Orillia, it features many trails, a pro shop and mountain biking in the summer; 2 hours and 15 minutes from Waterloo 

Horseshoe Valley: located between Barrie and Orillia, it features old school trails on the North Side and great skating trails on the South Side; adjacent to a downhill skiing resort; 2 hours and 15 minutes from Waterloo


Nordic Ski Equipment Retailers (Southern Ontario)

Adventure Guide: Waterloo’s local outdoors retailer.  Adventure Guide stocks a range of products for a wide variety of outdoor activities.  They have a moderate selection of recreational level nordic ski equipment.

Velotique: your premier choice and a great partner of the club; this family owned store has everything you need for nordic skiing; it is located in the Beaches in Toronto; 1 hour and 30 minutes from Waterloo if you avoid the rush hour 

Canadian Wintersports Corporation: although not a retailer, the CWS is a preferred partner of the club and distributes roller skis, poles, wax, gloves, undergarments etc. Contact the club executive for details on purchasing their items.

Highlands Nordic: the pro-shop is well stocked and open on weekends after Thanksgiving and open daily during the ski season; you can try new and rental equipment on site. 1 hour and 40 min from Waterloo 


Select Nordic Ski Clubs (Ontario)

While Ontario has many clubs, we have selected a few that are key in Southern Ontario and added a few other noteworthy ones. Cross Country Canada has the complete list on their site.

Mono Nordic (Orangeville): Our neighbour has its own trails, is very active and hosts the Mono Nordic Races for all ages in January. 

Bruce Ski Club: located near Wiarton, the club has its own set of trails and they host the annual Sawmill Race in February which is a great event for Jackrabbits and others new to racing. 

Arrowhead Nordic: located at Arrowhead Provincial Park near Huntsville, their trails are picturesque and open to all. They host the Muskoka Loppet in January, which is splendid. 

Georgian Nordic: just outside of Parry Sound, the club’s trails are gently rolling through the Canadian Shield with birches and confierous trees dotting the scenery; they host the Sounders Tour on an annual basis. 

Haliburton Highlands Nordic: is true to its name and is located in the village of Haliburton with trails near the college; the trails are fun and hilly in sections, but access to the entire Haliburton trail netweork nearby offers additional variety. 

XCOttawa: has a terrific webpage about skiing in the Ottawa Region, especially Gatineau Park, and the team has WRNSC alumni Megan McTavish and Anna Geiger-Whitlock 


Nordic Special Interest operated by fast Canadian skiers and it features news, views and blogs from Canada’s fastest skiers U.S. based but has lots of info on loppets, training, other industry worthy news geared towards those who are closer to mastering the sport 

Play, Live and Be Tobacco Free: an advocay group which extends grants to organizations for the purpose of supporting programs and for the purpose of implimenting a tobacco free policy. The WRNSC has adopted such a policy on December 13, 2010.