I did a quick grooming to reestablish the classic track throughout the network. The wind will have covered some of them, but they could use a little snow as the base is still thin. Enjoy and head into the woods should the wind be strong. -Stephan

I was selfish today…got up at 6:00 a.m. and went grooming for two hours. Then I went skiing myself, enjoying classic tracks all around the network, while looking at a similar skating lane beside me. One thin spot remains at the tennis court loop at the bottom where the sharp turn is located. A splendid morning of great conditions; I didn’t even get verbally assaulted from a dog walker. Now it’s your turn to ski. -Stephan

Everything was groomed for classic and skating Friday night, so it should set up/firm up and give you great skiing conditions. A few thin spots of the double track are present along the cemetery fence line and at the turn of the tennis court loop, but there there is plenty of snow in the skate lane. Enjoy “conditioni spendido” Viva Spring skiing. -Stephan

Fresh Snow!

The new snow has brought us right back to proper winter trail conditions! We have full coverage everywhere. I went out tonight and groomed both the fields and the woods for both skate and classic. The track should set up quite nicely overnight, so skiing for the rest of the week should be excellent!

I had to skip the regular uphill near the highway because it was too icy underneath the snow, so I groomed an alternate route instead.

Note that snowplowing will strip the fresh snow off of the ice underneath, so please try to minimze snowplowing 🙂

Prime Spring Skiing

I took a quite aggressive pass with the renovator this morning, so the entire network is now in excellent condition for skating. There wasn’t enough depth to set a classic track. There’s a few icy patches in the usual spots, but most of the trail is great. Get out and enjoy the snow before the warm rain hits it 🙂

Update after skiing:
The fields are in great condition. The downhills in the woods range from fast to adrenaline junkie 🙂 I stayed on my feet the whole time, but had a few close calls. The least stressful way to go through the woods is to enter by the new cemetery and ski counter-clockwise, exiting by the playground.

The trails in the woods will be easier to ski when it is above zero because the top layer will soften a bit. They’ll be rather exciting when it is fully frozen.

Well a few centimeters will make a difference. Renovated the whole network and it is good for skating, but if you insist on doing the cemetery loop, do in such a way that you go down the big hill, not up as the snow cover is thin and skating will push away the snow to the icy sheet underneath. I tried setting a classic track, but there was only enough snow in places, but not everywhere…waxless skis will be fine. Enjoy the sunshine.

Well, we found a sheet of ice and made it skiable. We renovated the tennis court loop and parts of the woods, excluding the large cemetery loop as there was too much ice from run-off etc. Careful on the dipsy-doodle in the woods; we shoveled to cover up the ice but it requires careful skiing. The skating is fast and fun and you find a classic track in places with some flurries having accumulated in them. -Stephan and Brett

Use It Before We Lose It!

The trails were renovated Friday afternoon including a new classic track around the entire network. The cemetery hill is thin, but there is an option to take the new route up/down the middle. Use the snow, before the freezing rain/rain arrives on Sunday. -Stephan

Jan 29 Trail Conditions:

Well, we are finally grooming the trails and it is the end of January! The network was packed and track set today, but the wind erased some of the tracks. Everything is fine, but the cemetery uphill is still very thin. Keep to grassy sides…almost in the grass to avoid the gravel on that uphill.