Fresh and fast

The skate lane on the upper network was freshened up today with the renovator to produce a slightly softer, granular surface. It’s nice and fast.

Classic tracks are holding nicely everywhere.

Go and enjoy the spring conditions.






The entire network was rolled this morning to break through the ice-encrusted accumulation. (Kind of ironic that all the beautiful grooming from the weekend – thanks Dave! — was obliterated, and we begin anew).

New tracks have been set on the upper network only as well as a compacted skate lane.

The woods have some of the old track poking through and should be ok for skating.

Have fun.








A new beginning.

The grooming process began today at noon, and it took many passes to start getting the deep snow and drifts flattened down.

You will find soft powdery conditions everywhere. All trails have had a few passes and Dave is setting tracks at this time …


Well the network has been packed and trackset. You’ll find skating a bit soft but that will firm up with traffic and sun. The winds are still a bit high so there is still some drifting on the tennis court.

Enjoy your ski!

thin coverage but still skiable

The main fields, connector road and tennis court loop had a pass with the renovator over the noon hour today, to work through the icy stuff and smooth things out after the weekend.The coverage is preciously thin, and some tufts of grass showing in a few spots.

All things considered, it’s not too bad for a ski but better for skating. The classic tracks are still there but icy and a bit choppy.

I didn’t venture into the woods. We will need snow on top of the ice before trying to work in the lower areas.


good skiing

All of the trails were touched up Monday afternoon and the conditions are overall good. Wish we could make it a little less cold for you …

Appreciated the help from Jens Morgan, his first time out on the grooming machine.

…. a bit better

All of the upper sections including the main field, connector road, tennis court loop etc had a few passes today with the Tidd Tech (i.e, flattened and corduroy track laid down). The connector road was renovated and is coming up fairly well now and is skiable.

There are still some thin sections in the fields, but overall, things have improved somewhat and you should be able to ski an entire loop. I would still leave my racing skis at home though.

There is a shallow classic track in the main field, however it may be blown in during the day as there is a lot of drifting happening.

Hopefully in the next few days a little more snow will allow grooming in the woods to begin.

Silky smooth corduroy

Well, I’d like to make you all insanely jealous of my mid-day ski in the warm sun today, sans hat and jacket. Jealous enough that you will go and grab your skis right after work, and head immediately to Bechtel to find an immaculate corduroy skate lane, silky smooth, on fast granular snow.

This will probably be the last day this week for incredible spring conditions, and who knows what will happen thereafter.

I did a few passes around the upper circuit only, main field, tennis court loop etc. I wasn’t able to do much tracksetting wise as the snow was still firm and icy.

Alright, way you go. Get those skis ready and enjoy your afternoon or evening ski.









Today you will find freshly groomed and packed powder …. in your dreams.

Last night all of the upper trails and fields were given a once over with the renovator. We will need some fresh stuff to set tracks (by Wednesday hopefully) as the base is mostly an unworkable sheet of ice. Otherwise, quite ski-able. Better for skating.

As far as the lower trails through the woods, there is a large tree down on the centre trail which will have to be removed by the city crews. The rest of the trails are open and free of debris for the most part, but remain choppy and icy.

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Trail Clean-up on Sunday Dec 29, 1pm

You are invited to join the Junior Outers in a trail clean-up this Sunday at 1pm.

This will be limited to small brush and stick clearing, but no major limbs or large branches. Small wood saws and pruning shears are welcome.

We hope to clear the cemetery loop of debris and then do a bit of a grooming renovation to the icy surface.