Fresh Tracks

I groomed all the trails for both skate and classic this morning.  Enjoy the fresh tracks before it gets warm on Thursday!

I’d like to request that everyone avoid skiing at Bechtel on Thursday to minimize damage to the trails.  We’ll be hard at work over the weekend to get the trails back in top condition.

Bechtel is open for skiing!

We were having technical difficulties with the website, so while grooming started just after Christmas, this is the first update.

I packed the entire Bechtel trail network for skating this morning.  No classic track yet, but it will likely be set after the next snow.  Expect parts of the trail to drift in with today’s high winds.

Get out there and enjoy the snow!

Waiting List for Jackrabbit and Track Attack Beginner Skiers

Registration is temporarily closed for these classes. If you are interested in registering skiers for these classes, please inform Ken Campbell at and he will put your skier on a waiting list.

We expect to reopen registration once we have more trained instructors available (after December 10). If you wish to become an instructor for Waterloo Region, let Ken Campbell know and he will tell you how we can help you to get trained.

Murphy’s Law Strikes Again

If you’re anything like me, you saw the fresh snow and thought “Wow, I bet we’ll be able to groom Bechtel soon!”  Us trail groomers definitely thought that, but when we went to test out the (freshly serviced) snowmobile, it decided to quit.  Back to the shop it goes, and we look forward to starting grooming once the snowmobile is working again.

Winter is here!

I groomed the field loop for skating and rolled the trail in the woods.  We’ll need a bit more snow before we groom in the woods and put in a classic track.  Conditions are suitable for rock skiing, but there’s lots of fun to be had!

Spring Skiing

I renovated the whole network and put in fresh tracks.  The highway hill has bare spots at the top and bottom, so I groomed the hill before that.  We’re definitely into spring skiing now, but conditions are still quite good, especially for skating.  Snow speed will vary considerably with temperature and time of day.

Orion #3: Classic Team Sprint – Thurs Feb 26

WRSC invites you to our final Orion racing series event of the season.

Update Wed Feb 25, 11am
The temperatures are looking promising for Thursday night — it looks like we’ll be at or above the temperature cut-off for all age groups.  Stay tuned to confirm temperatures for the Atom & Pee Wee age groups.

Update Sat Feb 22
We’re keeping an eye on the temperature forecast.  The cut-off is -15ºC for Atom & Pee Wee age groups, and -20ºC for everyone else.


Thurs Feb 26, 2015
registration: race day, 6:15-6:45pm
race start 7:00pm (100m qualifier & race, then 400m, then 900m)
– exact times TBA on race day.  900m qualifier should start around 8:00-8:15pm

Cost:   (cash only, bring exact change)
WRNSC youth program participants         included in program fee
WRNSC members                                    $2 ea.
Non-members                                          $5 ea.

The team sprint format has two athletes completing alternating laps of a sprint course, with a tag-off exchange between each lap.  Each athlete completes the course 3 times.  This race is classic technique only (no skating).  We will run a mass-start qualifying race beforehand to make the teams.

100m: atom, beginner pee-wee boys & girls (2003 & younger)
400m: experienced pee-wee, midget, juvenile boys & girls (1999-2004)
900m: open (1998 & older)

Categories and distances subject to change based on registration numbers.