Fresh Snow!

The new snow has brought us right back to proper winter trail conditions! We have full coverage everywhere. I went out tonight and groomed both the fields and the woods for both skate and classic. The track should set up quite nicely overnight, so skiing for the rest of the week should be excellent!

I had to skip the regular uphill near the highway because it was too icy underneath the snow, so I groomed an alternate route instead.

Note that snowplowing will strip the fresh snow off of the ice underneath, so please try to minimze snowplowing 🙂

Prime Spring Skiing

I took a quite aggressive pass with the renovator this morning, so the entire network is now in excellent condition for skating. There wasn’t enough depth to set a classic track. There’s a few icy patches in the usual spots, but most of the trail is great. Get out and enjoy the snow before the warm rain hits it 🙂

Update after skiing:
The fields are in great condition. The downhills in the woods range from fast to adrenaline junkie 🙂 I stayed on my feet the whole time, but had a few close calls. The least stressful way to go through the woods is to enter by the new cemetery and ski counter-clockwise, exiting by the playground.

The trails in the woods will be easier to ski when it is above zero because the top layer will soften a bit. They’ll be rather exciting when it is fully frozen.

The End… for now

There is still snow left at Bechtel, though there are some thin and icy spots.  Not enough left for grooming this weekend.  Bechtel could be fun if you’re looking for an exciting zip through the woods, but for a more in-control experience, you’re probably better off going for crust skiing at a golf course.

Trail Update

I was originally planning on grooming tonight (Sunday night), but we ended up with liquid snow instead of white snow 🙁  Since the base is quite wet right now, I’ll wait until tomorrow evening to groom.

Snow is Back!

The elusive winter appears to be returning!  I packed the field loops at Bechtel this morning for skating.  The snow is thin, but skiable.  Fingers crossed for a big dump to allow grooming in the woods and setting a track!