Spring Skiing

I renovated the whole network and put in fresh tracks.  The highway hill has bare spots at the top and bottom, so I groomed the hill before that.  We’re definitely into spring skiing now, but conditions are still quite good, especially for skating.  Snow speed will vary considerably with temperature and time of day.

Fresh and fast

The skate lane on the upper network was freshened up today with the renovator to produce a slightly softer, granular surface. It’s nice and fast.

Classic tracks are holding nicely everywhere.

Go and enjoy the spring conditions.






March break draws near

Some of the best conditions for skiing still exist as we approach March Break. The whole network was renovated Friday night and fresh classic tracks put in the woods. Much of Mark’s exemplary tracks in the field loops were left. The trails are firm and fast so get out for a ski this weekend!

Freshly groomed trails at dusk.

Freshly groomed trails at dusk.

The entire network was rolled this morning to break through the ice-encrusted accumulation. (Kind of ironic that all the beautiful grooming from the weekend – thanks Dave! — was obliterated, and we begin anew).

New tracks have been set on the upper network only as well as a compacted skate lane.

The woods have some of the old track poking through and should be ok for skating.

Have fun.