good skiing

All of the trails were touched up Monday afternoon and the conditions are overall good. Wish we could make it a little less cold for you …

Appreciated the help from Jens Morgan, his first time out on the grooming machine.

Waterloo King’s Court Sprints – Sat Jan 24

Update Thurs Jan 22
After a bit more shoveling last night, the course is in excellent condition.  There should only be one spot with a bit of grass showing through, but other than that, we have full coverage.

Update Wed Jan 21
Thanks to the shoveling efforts of volunteers, the race is on!  The 1300m race will use the 900m course instead.  Our warmup loop is not suitable for race skis.  Bring both training and race skis so that you can make the call which to use for racing.
Also new: we added a “Beginner Pee Wee” category with a shorter distance.

Update Sun Jan 18
We took a hit from the warm weather, so we have some thin spots.  We did some shoveling today, so things look promising for holding the race.  Depending on what mother nature decides, we may be eliminating the 1300m course and using the 900m course instead.


WRNSC is proud to host the Waterloo King’s Court Sprints on Sat Jan 24, a part of the SOD Paraffin Race Series.

Registration: — closes Thus Jan 22 8pm
Late Registration: $10 extra per racer

If cancellation is required due to poor trail conditions, the decision will be announced by Thurs Jan 22 5pm on

Schedule:  Sat Jan 24
Race Office Opens:                          8:30am
Bib Pickup:                                       8:30am
Qualification (500m & 900m):          10:00am
Heats (100m):                                 11:00am
Heats (500m & 900m):                    11:30pm
Detailed heat schedule TBD based on registrations

Heats for each group will run to completion before starting the next group. Races will run from shortest distance to longest distance.

Atom category: $10
All other categories: $15
late registration: $10 extra
Competitors who do not return their bib at the end of the race will be charged $100 for replacement of each bib.

Races will be free technique.  Athletes will first compete in the individual-start qualifiers, and will then be seeded into mass-start heats with four skiers. All athletes racing the same distance will be combined for heats. The first two athletes in each heat will move up to the next fastest heat, and the remaining two athletes will move down. We will run 2-4 heats per category depending on the number of registered athletes.

There will be no qualification round the 100m distance; these skiers will only compete in heats.

This race is a part of the Southern Ontario District Paraffin Series. We ask that no fluoro-based waxes and toppers are used on any athlete’s skis. Let’s make this a fun and accessible race for everyone.

Category Age Dec 31, 2014 Year of Birth Distance
Atom Girls / Boys 0-8 2006 & younger 100 m
Beginner Pee-wee Girls / Boys 9-11 2003 – 2005 100 m
Pee-wee Girls / Boys 9-11 2003 – 2005 500 m
Midget Girls / Boys 12-13 2001 – 2002 500 m
Juvenile Girls / Boys 14-15 1999 – 2000 900 m
Junior Girls / Boys 16-17 1997 – 1998 900 m
Open Women / Men 18+ 1996 & older 1300 m 900 m
Paranordic Standing 900 m
Paranordic Sitski 900 m*

Washrooms will be available, but there is no indoor resting space for athletes.  Be prepared to spend the day outside.
Drinks and fruit will be provided at the finish line. There is no canteen on site, however, there is a Tim Hortons nearby.
Please let us know if you are bringing sitski athletes so that we can discuss appropriate courses.

Given current snow conditions, bring both rock skis and race skis so that you can make the decision as to which pair you want to race on.

Please contact Colin Rhodes for more information.

The Cookie Race is on January 18!

Waterloo Region Nordic Ski Club presents the first race of the 2015 Orion Race Series, The Cookie Race. All competitors will win – a cookie and a hot drink.

We will be using an Interval  Start, and the race is free technique.

The distances and courses have been set to enable this year’s beginners to compete in the Sport classes. Experienced skiers will be offered longer and more challenging courses, so the competition will be interesting for all.

The races will be held at Bechtel Park, Waterloo.   Registration will start at 1:30 inside the soccer building.

Entry fee is $2 for WRNSC members who are not youth program participants, and $5 for non-members. Race registration is included in the annual program fee for WRNSC youth program participants – and all Bunnyrabbits, Jackrabbits and Magic Rabbits will be preregistered in the race. Please bring cash and exact change.

Categories will be as follows:

Bunny                                dob 2009 and later                                                250m

Sport Atom                         dob 2006-2008, this year’s beginners                   400m

Atom                                  dob 2006-2008, experienced skiers                     1000m

Sport PeeWee                  dob 2003-2005, this year’s beginners                      700m

PeeWee                            dob 2003-2005, experienced skiers                       1200m

Midget and Juvenile          dob 1999-2002                                                       2.5km

Junior                                dob 1997-1998                                                       2.5km

Open                                 dob 1996 and earlier                                               2.5km


The order of races will be:

Bunny                                                                2:30pm

Sport Atom                                                         2:45 (est)

Sport PeeWee                                                    3:00 (est)

Atom                                                                   3:15 (est)

PeeWee                                                              3:35 (est)

Midget/Juvenile/Junior/Open                               3:55 (est)

The final race schedule will depend upon the number of entries in each category. Races will start as soon as v-boards are positioned and the course is declared to be open.

…. a bit better

All of the upper sections including the main field, connector road, tennis court loop etc had a few passes today with the Tidd Tech (i.e, flattened and corduroy track laid down). The connector road was renovated and is coming up fairly well now and is skiable.

There are still some thin sections in the fields, but overall, things have improved somewhat and you should be able to ski an entire loop. I would still leave my racing skis at home though.

There is a shallow classic track in the main field, however it may be blown in during the day as there is a lot of drifting happening.

Hopefully in the next few days a little more snow will allow grooming in the woods to begin.

Getting there…

I did a pass with the roller this morning. The fields have decent coverage with a bit of grass showing through. A keen skier would have a great time with rock skis.

The woods are icy and rutted from people walking in the slush from a few days ago. They will need a bit more snow to be skiable.