Snow at Last

The whole network is snow covered. The woodland trail has been groomed and tracked for about 50% of its length. The tennis court loop has also been groomed with about 80% track. Some exposed sections may drift in a bit this evening.

Waterloo Snow Festival – Try Cross-Country Skiing and Get Hooked for Life

Come on out, the snow is great!

The Waterloo Region Nordic Sports Club invites the local community to join us on Sunday, February 8 for a snow festival. We are inviting our youth members to bring a friend with them to the event. The community in general is also cordially invited to come out and experience why we love cross country skiing, and why we look forward to winter.

If you have cross country ski equipment, please bring it.  WRNSC is also offering to loan our rental equipment to guests for the event, so non-skiers can experience the joy of gliding on snow.

Guests will be invited to take part in a lesson, play some snow games, participate in an obstacle race, and enjoy hot refreshments.

Registration starts at 12:30 in the gym at Bridgeport Public School, Bridge Street, Kitchener. For this day only, Bunnyrabbit and Jackrabbit skiers will also meet at Bridgeport Public School.

King’s Court Sprints Results


It was a gloomy day, threatening snow which never came, but the participants in the first King’s Court Sprints at Bechtel Park had a great time.  There was lots of racing, as the King’s Court format has every athlete participating in every race in their category.  The course crew did a great job in shoveling snow and preparing the course, and the rest of the volunteers contributed to a fun day.  Thanks to everyone who participated and volunteered.  The full results are available by following this link:


Su and Ski

The fields and tennis court loop are in good shape. Thanks Stephan for shoveling the snow. Was able to put some fresh tracks in the tennis court loop in sections.

The woods however are still very icy and bare in places. I haven’t been able to take the renovator in the woods for several days as we run the risk of slipping off the trails and getting stuck. There is some snow in the forecast … so maybe next weekend we’ll get the woods back in operation

Race Ready

The race loops for tomorrows sprints are in good shape!! The tracks are firm and fast, with a thin layer of machined powder. Hope to see you at the sprints tomorrow.

Haven’t had enough snow to do much with the woods, so the conditions are icy and some dirt is starting to show on the back hill. We need snow.

We survived the heat!

I thoroughly renovated the field loop and the sprint courses for next weekend, so they are in excellent condition for skating.  I did a light pass through the woods, so those trails are ok for skilled skiers, but they’re skill icy.  There is still an old classic track in many places.  We’ll need a dump of fresh snow before we can put in a new classic track.

thin coverage but still skiable

The main fields, connector road and tennis court loop had a pass with the renovator over the noon hour today, to work through the icy stuff and smooth things out after the weekend.The coverage is preciously thin, and some tufts of grass showing in a few spots.

All things considered, it’s not too bad for a ski but better for skating. The classic tracks are still there but icy and a bit choppy.

I didn’t venture into the woods. We will need snow on top of the ice before trying to work in the lower areas.


Orion #1 – Cookie Race Results – Updated

The Cookie Race on January 18 was a great success for all 44 competitors and the numerous volunteers.  Most of our Bunnyrabbits raced and had a grand time, especially with the cookie and hot chocolate at the end.  The light drizzle before the races made it a challenge for the course crew but then it turned to a light snow for the races – magical.  The race results by category follow.

Category Athlete Name Results (min:sec)
Bunnyrabbit James Drost 4:56
Iain Sunday 5:34
Sophia Loncar 6:59
Bethany Armstrong 7:10
Anna Prgin 7:31
Maeve Sunday 7:48
Annika Weiler 7:55
Michael Kitaev 8:01
Ivan Bardelcik 8:30
Sport Atom Raymon Drost 4:09
Adeline Latour 4:10
Franny Jenkins 4:35
Isabella Gancevich 4:37
Aibhe McCluskey 4:49
Caelyn McLaren 5:03
McLean Muir 5:21
Grace Kennedy 5:28
Catie Kennedy 6:00
Luka Loncar 6:03
Kathryn Stirling 6:26
Celeste Armstrong 7:15
Sport Pee-wee Stella Jenkins 5:11
Maya Gancevich 6:05
Euan Muir 6:07
Fiacra McCluskey 6:13
Alec Beaton 6:31
Qasim Kamal 6:38
Ryland Burns 7:11
Erika Peach 7:18
Robert Campbell 7:22
Alister Muir 7:28
Sara Webb 7:49
Atom Klara Stjarne 6:10
Eily Woodman 7:49
Kaia Hulme 8:56
Pee-wee Marie-Anne Dods 6:47
Nadia Vorobieva 6:55
Simon Baer 8:14
Hannah Weiler 8:46
Sydney Baer 9:23
Cayla Weiler 17:28
Midget Sydney Rasberry 9:32
Katie Maddis 10:09
Samuel Morin 10:31
Heather Ebel 10:35

Don’t forget the King’s Court Sprints on January 24 and the next Orion race on February 26.  See you there!