Silky smooth corduroy

Well, I’d like to make you all insanely jealous of my mid-day ski in the warm sun today, sans hat and jacket. Jealous enough that you will go and grab your skis right after work, and head immediately to Bechtel to find an immaculate corduroy skate lane, silky smooth, on fast granular snow.

This will probably be the last day this week for incredible spring conditions, and who knows what will happen thereafter.

I did a few passes around the upper circuit only, main field, tennis court loop etc. I wasn’t able to do much tracksetting wise as the snow was still firm and icy.

Alright, way you go. Get those skis ready and enjoy your afternoon or evening ski.









The thaw and then belated drop in temps made grooming Saturday morning not feasable. I will groom Sunday morning and should be able to renovate the soccer fields and the tennis court loop…I might make a few new trails using the old and ungroomed snow as it is not compressed into a sheet of ice. As for the woods, I will try, but based on today’s skiing, it will be difficult as the walkers will have left a golf ball surface which will be rock hard come Sunday morning. Regardless, I will try but you should be good for the open sections in the sunshine.

Cheers, Stephan


Year End Celebration and Banquet, Sunday April 6

You are cordially invited the Year End Celebration and Banquet20131110_0042

Sunday, April 6, 2014; CampHeidelberg (2001 Kressler Road, Woolwich)

4:00-5:00 Equipment Return, Socializing and Dining Room St-Up

Return all rental equipment in clean condition. Should you need wax remover, we gladly help you.

5:00-5:45: Potluck Dinner

Bring your utensils, china, and table cloth and a home cooked dish (soups, salads, main course, desserts) (no peanuts!)

5:45 -6:45 Awards

All Bunnyrabbit and Jackrabbit skiers will recieve their skill awards and badges, as well as  a small gift.

We’ll also reveal the winners of the Jackrabbit Johannsson , Adult-Learn-to Ski, Adult Racer, Junior Racer, Kitchener Sports Association and WCSSAA award.

Looks like we’re getting a nice dump of snow today.  I’m planning on getting a start on packing for skating starting tonight around 7:30pm.  It looks like we’ll have drifting conditions overnight, so we’ll come back early Thursday morning to repack and set a track.

Despite the summer conditions on Monday and Tuesday, our coverage is still good; only the culvert at the dipsy-doodle was exposed, but you can get around easily. Snow is on the way, so watch for updates. Cheers, Stephan

Skied in shorts and long sleeved t-shirt today!

The 5 cm of snow was a welcome blessing for the ski trails. All the trails were groomed and trackset this morning. With the cold the trails should firm up nicely making for excellent conditions at this time of the year. Get out and enjoy the trails.