Last day of skiing for spring 2013!  The service road is skiable and parts of the woods are passable if you’re willing to run over the brown spots.  The woods are only recommended for advanced skiers.

Today you will find freshly groomed and packed powder …. in your dreams.

Last night all of the upper trails and fields were given a once over with the renovator. We will need some fresh stuff to set tracks (by Wednesday hopefully) as the base is mostly an unworkable sheet of ice. Otherwise, quite ski-able. Better for skating.

As far as the lower trails through the woods, there is a large tree down on the centre trail which will have to be removed by the city crews. The rest of the trails are open and free of debris for the most part, but remain choppy and icy.

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Trail Clean-up on Sunday Dec 29, 1pm

You are invited to join the Junior Outers in a trail clean-up this Sunday at 1pm.

This will be limited to small brush and stick clearing, but no major limbs or large branches. Small wood saws and pruning shears are welcome.

We hope to clear the cemetery loop of debris and then do a bit of a grooming renovation to the icy surface.

Under a lovely afternoon sun today and some fresh powder, the soccer fields, connector road, and tennis court loop were freshened up with the renovator. We are slowly working things in, but it will take more snow and milder temps to create a more pleasant surface to ski on and to set tracks. However, conditions are pretty good and you don’t need to worry about rocks.

As far as the woods go, some patience will be needed until we get a work crew out there to clean up branches littering the trails. If you want to come out and help, that would be wonderful. Stay posted for details on Sunday. Or, just go out and start throwing debris off the trail.

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Happy Boxing Day

The fresh snow has covered much of the ice in the field loops so we managed to roll the field loops and tennis court. Was able to renovate most of the fields ands service road. Not quite enough fresh snow to put in tracks but the skating in the fields, service road and tennis court loops is good.

The woods are still far too icy and uneven for skiing. Many fallen limbs that need clearing.

Trails at Bechtel are very poor. Icy in the fields, frozen footfalls and debris in the woods are quite dissappointing. We will need some warmer weather to break up the ice as it is quite thick.

Wow…here we are and we are still skiing on the first day of spring. We renovated the soccer fields and tennis court loop with a double track for classic. We renovated the woods for skating excluding the cemetery loop with the uphill, but have the interior climb in the woods done. The skiing was great tonight. More to come…

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The trails were all packed down this morning.  There isn’t enough snow yet for a track, but it should be good for skating.  There will likely be some gravel, etc poking through in a few places, so don’t use your good skis yet.

Winter has arrived!

Our current plan is to groom Bechtel Saturday mid-morning and Monday early morning.  There won’t be a track, but we’ll work at getting things packed down.  Since we’re assembling the groomer electrical system for the first time this year, plans are subject to change depending on whether we get it right the first time.  Of course, plans are also subject to change based on weather.

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Highlands Nordic Ski Trip on Saturday, February 1st, 2014

The WRNSC and the Grand Valley Trails Association (GVTA) are organizing the 8th annual ski trip, via a comfortable Ayr’s coach bus, to Highlands Nordic ( ) on Saturday, February 1st, 2014. Highlands Nordic has 25 km of impeccably groomed trails for classic and skate skiing that will impress all levels of skier. For a different pace, there’s also a toboggan hill (bring you own toboggan, but no GT Racers or stand-on sleds) and 7 km of snowshoe trails (  The ski centre also provides equipment rentals, pro & service shops, change rooms, waxing facilities and a full service cafeteria that offers hot meals & fresh baked goods.

Advanced registration is required. A minimum of 35 participants are required to register, along with payment, by Friday January 17th, 2014. Trip cost includes bus fare & ski trail fee. The fee is non-refundable, unless the trip is cancelled. 

Fee for WRNSC members: Adults – $40; Children over 6 & Youths (18 & under) – $25; Children 6 & under – $12.  Fee for Adult non-members is $48.

Make your cheque payable to the “Waterloo Region Nordic Sports Club“, and mail it to: WRNSC, P.O. Box 40031, Waterloo, ON N2J 4V1. Please include the number of participants, with their names, age group, contact phone #  and e-mail address.

Skiers will be picked up in Waterloo, at Conestoga Mall. Departure is 8:15 am. Park vehicles at the parking lot north of Target (the old Zellers store). Enter off of Conestoga Road – the parking lot will be to the left. Park as far away from the building as possible.
The approximate arrival time back to K-W is 6 PM.

To register, or if you have any questions, please contact Greg at

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