Equipment Rental Pick-up for Junior Skiers – Sunday, November 16th

The WRNSC is holding its annual ski equipment rental event for children and youth club members (18 years of age and younger) who are registered in the Jack Rabbit, Magic Rabbit and Junior Outers programs. Please arrive early for the best equipment selection.

Ski equipment rental is for club members only. It is recommended that you register online at Zone 4 (place your cursor on “Programs & Membership, then click on “Online Registration” to go directly to the club’s Zone 4 registration page) before arrival to pick up children’s & youth equipment, so as to make the process as speedy as possible. When registering on Zone 4 you can also select what equipment your child will require i.e. skis, boots and/or poles.

Rental fees: Skis $25; Boots $25; Poles $10. Ski equipment is rented on a seasonal basis & must be returned by/at the club’s Annual Banquet, held in early spring.

Payment can be made online with a credit card or bring a cheque on November 16th. Please bring your Zone 4 receipt with you as proof of registration (and payment, if a credit card was used).

Please note: There is no Adult rental ski equipment available.

When: Sunday, November 16, 2014, from 2 pm – 4 pm.
Where: Room 101, at the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex (101 Father David Bauer Drive, Waterloo).


Waterloo Region Nordic Sports Club will be holding a program information and registration session on our fall adult training program and winter cross country ski programs for children and adults.

WHEN:  October 23, 7-9 PM

WHERE:  Room 202 at the Waterloo Rec Complex on Father David Bauer Dr.

OR visit us at

Come out and learn to enjoy the winter!

Year End Celebration and Banquet, Sunday April 6

You are cordially invited the Year End Celebration and Banquet20131110_0042

Sunday, April 6, 2014; CampHeidelberg (2001 Kressler Road, Woolwich)

4:00-5:00 Equipment Return, Socializing and Dining Room St-Up

Return all rental equipment in clean condition. Should you need wax remover, we gladly help you.

5:00-5:45: Potluck Dinner

Bring your utensils, china, and table cloth and a home cooked dish (soups, salads, main course, desserts) (no peanuts!)

5:45 -6:45 Awards

All Bunnyrabbit and Jackrabbit skiers will recieve their skill awards and badges, as well as  a small gift.

We’ll also reveal the winners of the Jackrabbit Johannsson , Adult-Learn-to Ski, Adult Racer, Junior Racer, Kitchener Sports Association and WCSSAA award.

Orion Skate Sprint Results

Thursday was a great evening for a ski race – great snow and nice weather.  Twenty-six athletes, including a large contingent from the University of Guelph, participated in the Orion Skate Sprints.  After an initial race to determine starting positions, a series of heats (3 or 4 skiers to a heat) was run to find the fastest skiers.  Here are the results.

400 m      ages up to 10

First place – Sydney Baer   (WRNSC)

Second place – Cecilia Erb   (WRNSC)

Third place – Caelyn MacLaren   (WRNSC)

900 m      ages 14 to 17 plus recreational adults

First place, A final – Colin Ebel   (WRNSC)

Second place, A final – Rigel Conway-White   (WRNSC)

Third place, A final – Jacob Van Boekel

Fourth place, A final – Heather Ebel  (WRNSC)

First place, B final – Bill Henry   (WRNSC)

1300 m   ages 18 and over, competitive

First place, A final – Lucas Parsons   (U of Guelph)

Second place, A final – Ian Ritchie   (U of Guelph)

Third place, A final – Matt Underwood   (U of Guelph)

Fourth place, A final – Shaun Guerin   (U of Guelph)

First place, B final – Kai Bruce   (U of Guelph)

First place, Consolation A final – Cam Thompson   (U of Guelph)

First place, Consolation B final – Elise Huet   (U of Guelph)

The jelly beans and chocolate hearts for participants were a big hit, especially right before Valentine’s Day.

Orion #3: Skate Sprints – Thurs Feb 13

Waterloo Region Nordic Sports Club presents the third and marquee event of our 2014 Orion Series – skate sprints.  This race will follow the typical sprint race with individual interval start qualifications, followed by knockout heats.  The sprinting will be followed by a three-legged ski race.

Stay tuned to and for updates, including changes due to weather.

Schedule:  Thurs Feb 13
Advance Registration:    preferred for teams by Tues Feb 11 (
Race-day Registration:   6:00pm – 6:40pm               (inside soccer building)
Qualification:                   7:00pm interval start, youngest first
Heats:                             7:45pm

WRNSC youth program participants         included in program fee
WRNSC members                                    $2 ea  (cash only, bring exact change)
Non-members                                            $5 ea

Races will be free technique.  Athletes will first compete in the qualifiers, and will then be seeded into mass-start heats.

Category Age Dec 31, 2013 Year of Birth Distance
Atom Girls / Boys 8- 2005 & younger 100 m
Pee-wee Girls / Boys 9-11 2002 – 2004 400 m
Midget Girls / Boys 12-13 2000 – 2001 400 m
Juvenile Girls / Boys 14-15 1998 – 1999 900 m
Junior Girls / Boys 16-17 1996 – 1997 900 m
Open Recreational 18+ – 1995 900 m
Open Women / Men 18+ – 1995 1300 m

Please contact Colin Rhodes to volunteer or for more information.

Look under Events at for details on the other two races in the 2014 Orion Series

Cookie Loppet Results – Orion #2

Cookie Loppet Results – Orion #2

It was a blustery day but the Cookie Loppet went ahead on Saturday morning with 14 competitors. This second race of the 2014 WRNSC Orion race series was a fun loppet where everyone won a gold medal, cleverly disguised as a wonderful home-baked cookie. The race was a mass start event where everyone in a group started together and the first person across the finish line was the fastest. There were 3 courses of different lengths to accommodate the age and abilities of the athletes. In the Atom group (8 years old and under), Cayla Weiler came in with the fastest time on 2 laps of the soccer field, 600 metres. The Pee-Wee group (ages 9-11) saw Marie-Anne Dods with the fastest time over a course of 1800 metres. Juvenile Girls (ages 14-15) was a close race with Sydney Rasberry coming in fastest over the 5 kilometre course. In the combined Junior (ages 16-17) and Open group (ages over 17), Oliver Conway-White was the fastest skier over 7.5 kilometres. Here are the full results

Atom: 2 x 300m
Athlete                   Lap 1       Lap 2       Lap 3      Total Time
1 Cayla Weiler       0:01:09    0:02:32                    0:03:41
2 Simon Baer         0:01:16    0:03:13                    0:04:29
4 Reislyn Clarke    0:04:09    0:14:27                    0:18:36
3 Elora Clarke       0:02:46    0:05:07                    0:07:53

Pee Wee: 2 x 900m

Athlete                       Lap 1        Lap 2        Lap 3      Total Time

2 Nadia Vorovieva     0:06:00      0:07:12                    0:13:12
5 Sydney Baer           0:08:16     0:09:00                     0:17:16
1 Marie-Anne Dods    0:05:42     0:06:18                     0:12:00
4 Sacha Macdonald   0:08:14     0:08:49                     0:17:03
3 Rowan Macdonald  0:08:14     0:08:45                     0:16:59

Juvenile: 2 x 2500m

Athlete                       Lap 1            Lap 2      Lap 3        Total Time
1 Sydney Rasberry    0:15:36        0:15:44                     0:31:20
2 Heather Ebel           0:15:38        0:16:09                     0:31:47

Junior: 3 x 2500m

Athlete                      Lap 1            Lap 2           Lap 3        Total Time
1 Ben Allen               0:14:03         0:15:43        0:15:56     0:45:42

Open: 3 x 2500m

Athlete                            Lap 1             Lap 2            Lap 3       Total Time
1 Oliver Conway-White   0:10:33          0:10:53         0:10:45     0:32:11
2 Rigel Conway-White    0:12:36          0:13:48         0:14:23     0:40:47

Thanks to all the competitors for coming out. Thanks also to our officials who braved the weather to come out and put on the event. We hear you all had a great time.
Stay tuned for information on our Sprint races coming up on February 13.

The Cookie Loppet on Saturday

Orion Race #2 – The Cookie Loppet – Saturday, Jan 25

Come one, come all to the Cookie Loppet, Waterloo Region Nordic’s second race of the year!

Waterloo Region Nordic Ski Club presents the second event of our 2014 Orion Series. This event will involve athletes skiing a loop several times, and the fastest time in each class will be the time winner, but all competitors will win – you get cookies. The race will be followed by games.

Stay tuned to and for updates, including changes due to weather.

9:00 – 9:45 registration (inside soccer building), start warmups
10:00 start Atoms
10:14 start sitski
10:15 start 2-lap Pee-wees
10:17 start 1-lap Pee-wees
10:30 start Juniors and Opens
10:32 start Midget and Juvenile
11:15 all done!

WRNSC youth program participants included in program fee
WRNSC members $2 ea (cash only, bring exact change)
Non-members $5 ea

Races will be any technique (classic or free) mass start for each class. Note that Pee-wee skiers can sign up to do either one or two laps of the course.
Category       Age Dec 31, 2013       Year of Birth            Distance
Atom Girls / Boys      8-                       2005 & younger      2 x 300 m
Pee-wee Girls / Boys 9-11                  2002 – 2004           2 x 900 m or 1 x 900 m
Midget Girls / Boys    12-13                2000 – 2001           2 x 2.5 km
Juvenile Girls / Boys  14-15               1998 – 1999            2 x 2.5 km
Junior Girls / Boys     16-17               1996 – 1997            3 x 2.5 km
Open Women / Men  18+                  1995 –                     3 x 2.5 km

Orion #1 Results

The first race of the 2014 WRNSC Orion series went off on Thursday with a total of 15 competitors.  This event was a unique format — athletes skied multiple loops of a course, with the length of the loop and number of loops varying per age group.  The first competition was for who could ski the most consistent times for each loop.  The second competition took into account both consistency and speed.

The queen of consistency was Caelyn McLaren, who skied in the youngest age group (8 and younger), racing through two laps of the soccer field while being cheered on by fans.  She completed both laps in exactly the same time — 3 minutes and 50 seconds.  Caelyn was followed closely by Juvenile Boy Jacob Van Boekel in second with a two second spread.  In a tie for third with an eight second spread were Pee Wee Girl Sydney Baer and Masters Man Bill Henry.

Full Results:
Most Consistent:
Combined Results by Category:

Thanks to all the competitors who came out, especially the crowd from Stratford area.  Thanks as well to all of the volunteers — we couldn’t do it with out you.

IMG-20140116-01506 IMG-20140116-01507